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WELCOME: Lide Laboratories, Inc. has been providing the medical profession with quality diagnostic products since 1948. We manufacture in-vitro diagnostic stains for human use and prepared culture media products and diagnostic stains for veterinary use.
Lide Laboratories manufactures many in-vitro diagnostic stains including our most popular product HANSEL® Stain. Click on the photo to see all our diagnostic stains.
Medical Diagnostic Products
Lide Laboratories also manufactures many types of culture media  for veterinary use. The variety of products allow for differential identification and separation of bacteria and other organisms. Click on the product photo to find out more about all our culture plates.

By teaming our Stains and Culture Plates together we have made these  DIAGNOSTIC DUALS:

Urine Sediment Stain and Urine Quad Plates are for the examination and culturing of bacteria common in urinary tract infections.

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HANSEL is a federal trademark, Tinea Test and Oticell are Minnesota trademarks belonging to Lide Laboratories Inc. 
OTICELL™ Stain and Oticell Quad Plates are for the examination and culturing of organisms common in ear infections.
We can manufacture your selection of media in Bi-Plates, Tri-Plates and Quad- Plates. Let us know what agars you need to make a differential diagnosis and we will produce the plates for you. 

We are currently making custom plates for veterinary clinics and dairy operations.  Bi-Plates with CNA and MacConkey, Tri-Plates with Heart Infusion Blood Agar, MacConkey and Sabouraud Dextrose with Chloramphenicol are examples of two custom products we are providing our customers. 

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